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The Facebook game “Pet Society” is about to create a Pet (Pet) and to ensurethat it is completely happy and satisfied. Similar to the once very popularTamagotchi game. To make a pet happy, there are many different ways. The petowner may play different games, care for the animal, eg wash and feed them,decorate the house according to his wishes or remodel or bring friends, pets gifts.

It can be done many activities with the pet. These include race, the commonfishing, cooking tasty or an exciting treasure hunt. Each mini-game discouragesbad mood and brings experience points. Not only can it be his pet happy. If you earn money, can buy their pet stylish and fashionable clothes or the most fashionable furniture. With a few tricks to get money very quickly. For example, there is money for the telling of jokes, if the pet runs through the trees or by themutual gifting. In the world of Pet Society rarely a dull moment because there ismuch to discover and anyone who has ever fallen to the charms of smallKnuddlewesen, you would so quickly not to miss again.


Pet Society Cheat

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