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Megapolis game is the latest social networking game, city building simulation on Facebook, which contains a lot of elements that determine its uniqueness among other similar production. Megapolis is very similar in gameplay to the application from the studio Zynga – CityVille, allowing players to become the mayor of your city, and thus our main task is to make it to become a metropolis in every way. For example, both games require the building of houses to increase our population. Residents enable us to produce other perks, so as you can see is the one related to the other, so we can say with preserved here also a strategic aspect. In both games, you will find the system tray (the tutorial), which allows players to quickly learn step by step, each governing gameplay mechanic. Of course every action ends that are left endowment things needed for the construction of, or improvements to existing buildings.


The game Megapolis will find different types of buildings, will include residential, manufacturing, structural (business, collect taxes, they use a lot more electricity and water than other buildings), raw materials (generating electricity and water) and decorative (population increase).

What may scare you in the game is the fact that in order to grow our city we need a certain amount of friends, no one will remain in place. But if I were to advise you what is the beginning of our career, we take care of the mayor’s production buildings, money alone will come with the first task. The game Megapolis must also be seen as expanding the city, not the free fields Watt put everything will fall soon because we run out of space, and newer / better buildings will be released to us. It is much better to expand on here already have the maximum levels of the structure.


Megapolis Hack


Main Features:
- Megapolis Cash Generator
- Unlimited Coins Adder
- Megabucks Cheat Tool
- Electricity Hack
- Water Supply Hack
- Population Hack
- Auto Invite Option
- Get Improved Solar Power Station
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megapolis proof

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